Professional Practice Intro. (3260)

Hello and welcome to my PIDP blog page.  The Professional Practice course is my 7th and final course of the PIDP program prior to the Capstone.  I am excited to be nearing the end of this journey and also really encouraged by the learning that has taken place throughout the program.  I am not in an official teaching role at the moment however have been throughout my career in Community Health as a Nurse.  I am really looking forward to getting back into that role now that I am better equipped with knowledge, resources, and especially with an improved awareness of the role of media to enhance learning.

I am looking forward to this course in terms of how to obtain instructional feedback on an ongoing basis.  One of the greatest things the PIDP program has taught me is the value in self reflection, the ability to critically look not only at the learning but also to critically review the delivery, receipt and understanding of what has been presented in order to make adjustments that will improve the transfer of knowledge.  Obtaining feedback, either formally or informally, is key to successful delivery of instruction and I am keen to learn methods to do this.  So, time to get to it!


About bevstanwood

I am a student of VCC's Provincial Instructor Diploma Program. I began the program in July 2015 and am currently working on course content that requires posting my assignments, journal entries and resources on a personal blog site.
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