Is it PBL or PBL? (3250)

It seemed to me project based learning and problem based learning were one-in-the-same. Most of the reading seem to be stating the same features of both types of learning:  designing or creating some type of tangible product, solving a real world problem, or researching a topic in order to answer a questions.  We use case studies in nursing to teach using real situations so I wanted to get my facts straight what the true difference is between problem and project based learning.

Problem-based learning falls under the umbrella of project-based learning but its intent of course is to solve a problem. The main difference, I now understand, is problem-based learning typically follows a prescribed set of steps and project-based learning is less formal in the steps used to achieve the project goal.

The steps are:

  1. Presentation of an “ill-structured” (open-ended, “messy”) problem
  2. Problem definition or formulation (the problem statement)
  3. Generation of a “knowledge inventory” (a list of “what we know about the problem” and “what we need to know”)
  4. Generation of possible solutions
  5. Formulation of learning issues for self-directed and coached learning
  6. Sharing of findings and solutions

Good to be clear on the difference.




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I am a student of VCC's Provincial Instructor Diploma Program. I began the program in July 2015 and am currently working on course content that requires posting my assignments, journal entries and resources on a personal blog site.
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