Learning From Mistakes (3250)

In a PIDP online forum the relationship between student engagement and managing mistakes was discussed.  A YouTube video was posted titled: My Favorite No: Learning from Mistakes and I found it gave me tremendous insight into the link between the two.

This video recognizes that we all make mistakes and that mistakes create the opportunity to learn, but how they are addressed is the important factor to maintaining student engagement.  Here are  few key points from the video:

  1.  Using all student responses to address the mistake(s) creates a ‘level playing field’ for all students
  2. Using all responses the instructor is quickly able to identify what % of students understand the material and what content is not being grasped
  3. Early identification of all the ‘correct’ responses/steps (positive reinforcement)
  4. Group facilitation to address the ‘mistake’ removing individual focus and engagement by all
  5. Positive conclusion to group effort in correction of the error

Mistakes create a situation where the instructor’s presentation is everything!!



About bevstanwood

I am a student of VCC's Provincial Instructor Diploma Program. I began the program in July 2015 and am currently working on course content that requires posting my assignments, journal entries and resources on a personal blog site.
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